Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Toy Watches-Safari Style

Toy Watches-Safari Style

Toy Watches are known for colorful, cool and interesting watches. And this time, they are dressed to impress! They have lately come out with a new 100% unique watch, Safari. The watches have faces in animal prints like zebra and leopard. The bands come in white and black plasteramic bracelets, and have white or gold rhinestones around the face. I love these watches because they are so cool, stylish and hip! They can be dressed us, or down, and are so chic! The colors are great, but now that you know about all these terrific things about these safari styled watches you might be wondering: What will they look good with, and how do I rock the look?
Well, if that is your question you're reading the right thing, because below is all about how you can make these watches look amazing and fantastic, plus how you can make the look all yours!

1) How To Rock The Look...
Rocking the look is the simple part. Where the watch on the hand you don't write with to start. Then pair it with some brown or black leather string bracelets. Try to wear it with three quarter length sleeve shirts and tee-shirts. If you wear natural colors like greens, grays, whites, blacks and browns, the watches may look better.

2) What To Wear...
For your clothing, you want deep green shorts, or jeans. For your nails, try creams, beiges, greens, yellows, browns, or light colored natural colors. Try simple necklaces like dog tags, or leather strings. As long as you feel good the look will be fabulous!

3) Makeup...
Try nude lipsticks if you are tan or dark, and bright reds if you are fare. Try light pink lip glosses too! For the eyes, don't go too heavy on anything, but do put a little bit of brown eyeliner on, and some forest green eyeshadow. As for hair, do a high pony-tail, braid, or pigtails!

4) Accessorize It...
Go for big sunglasses that go from light to dark. For bags try totes or green/brown colored leather bags. Go for a safari patterned scarf, with some cute sandals, flip-flops or gold/green/brown colored ballet flats.

Safari Style!


  1. Love the article and love the look! I am a big fan of Toy watches and would love the animal print back ground.

    Can you tell me about more of the styles Toy has.

    Your blog is so great and fun to read.

  2. hello!
    Beautiful blog... nice background! I love this article, Toy Watches are very nice, and I love that style!

  3. hi there! NICE BLOG!!!!!!!!! I love toy watches, and those ones are so cool!

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    Благодарим Ви, не казва да се носят животни ..... ти си спасител на модата.
    Чао за сега,

  5. woha. COOL BLOG!


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