Tuesday, 26 April 2011

China Glaze-Crackle

China Glaze-Crackle

China Glaze nail polish is famous for having unique lacquers, and their newest one is definitely different then anything else. It is a nail polish that cracks when applied to the nail. It is brilliant...

There are six different colors and designs that the crackle polish makes. They are below:

Lightning Bolt

Crackled Concrete

Black Mesh

Crushed Candy

Broken Hearted

Fault Line
Overall, this new polish is great and looks amazing on your nails!


  1. sounds so cool...that looks awesom!
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  2. To be honest I kind of feel like this is a copy of black shatter. I mean nailpolish that jackles? OPI alert people!!!!
    I think it does look pretty cool though and the good thing is that it comes in many different colours which is better than OPI because they one have black.
    My only hesitation which buying those nail polishes is I have never heard of the brand? Could you post more info on it?!?

  3. Wow! How cool... I really want that.... It looks so cool! Great post... the pink it my favorite! Keep it up! I love nail polish! Great job!


  4. Hey! Crackle looks so cool! I want it... inthe pruple fault line one! so cool!

  5. Hello,
    Great post....looks awesome! Could you do a post on the royal wedding? :-)I think u would cover it very well!

  6. Crackle my ackle this little Persian princess s getting her botty-wooty over to the neartes nail shoppe! I neeeeddd this!


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