Saturday, 26 March 2011

What Your Nailpolish Color Says About You!

What Your Nail-Polish Color Says About You

Have you ever wondered what a vibrant red or mystic glimmering blue nail polish might say about you? If you have, or have not, it is time to find out what nail polish color fits your mood, or who you are best.

Ravishing Red

This vibrant color would show that you have a fiery personality, and are outgoing, and fun! It would also mean that you are happy but competitive as well! The color is perfect for an outfit mostly the same color or a plain one, because the bright nails would pop! It is also good for a bright summer day!

Gorgeous Green

The color green, represents life, nature, and well being. This means if you wear this color on your nails, you are showing that you're peaceful, calm and cool. It means you are balanced but also fun and bright! It is the perfect nail color for any season! It goes best with yellows, or blues and shows that you are a great person!

Perfectly Perfect Pink

Not only does this nail polish color show that you are feminine, girly, and cute but also helpful, empathetic, and responsible! Also it means you are relaxed and pretty! A light pink is perfect for Spring, and a hot pink is amazing for summer! Pink goes best with whites, reds, and chocolate browns. Try to use these colors in your outfit when wearing a pink polish, and remember pink means your perfect!

Beautiful Blue

Blue shows how determined and respectful you are. It also says that you are loyal, faithful and confidant! Blue is perfect for a strong and bold girl. It is perfect for Summer, or Winter! Every shade of it is beautiful, and it goes best with greens, and purples. If you wear blue polish, you are cool!

Precious Purple

Purple shows royalty, elegance, but strength and power, luxury plus ambition. If you wear purple everyone will look at you because it is bright and makes any skin type, or color look fabulous! It is great for Winter, or Spring! It goes best with blues, pinks, or other shades of purple and is an amazing color!

Awesome Orange

The nail color orange, shows creativity, fun, passion, enthusiasm and of course, shows how fun and exciting you are! Orange is best for Fall, Spring or Summer! It looks great with jeans, and any tee. It always makes an outfit perfect!

Youthful Yellow

Yellow shows you are vibrant, funny, bubbly, and cheerful! It also shows freshness and joy, showing it is perfect for Spring, Summer, or Fall! It looks amazing with navy blues and reds and oranges! It goes great with white jeans, and bright tees!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Pandora Bracelets

Pandora Bracelets

Pandora bracelets are meaningful, pretty, and fashionable! They are great for any season and mean something too! Each time you have a memorable moment, you can buy a Pandora charm, and put it on. Your collection will grow big, and remind of all the special things that have happened to you! There are many charms, and they are all very nice! They come in different colors and shapes, but they are very fashionable! Pandora is not just for your amazing memories though, it is a statement, a jewelry style and it is "in" for fashion!

There are many different things you could do with your charm bracelet. You could have a color, or shape theme. You could have them all be glass, or silver! The charms are unique and special, and putting your own Pandora bracelet together is easy! First, think of who you are. Fun, and bubbly? Cool and calm? Or are you elegant, and proper? Whatever your personality is, there is a charm to match. If you are outgoing and exciting you may want a unique shaped charm in a bright color like orange, or red! Maybe you are kind, caring and girly... this would call for a floral shaped or pink or pastel colored charm.

Pandora charms are designed for memorable moments, so holidays or special accomplishments, mean it is time to add, or begin your own Pandora charm bracelet! Pandora is perfect for any girl, so get a charm today!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Coco Mademoiselle- Chanel

Coco Mademoiselle- Chanel

Chanel has a new woman's fragrance. It is Coco Mademoiselle. It's light, fresh and floral. Coco Mademoiselle is modern, luxurious and elegant. The scent is illuminated with gorgeous top notes of orange and bergamot which make you feel graceful and powerful, at the same time! The base of the perfume is vetiver, patchouli and sweet vanilla. The perfume is very romantic, with hints of of lush jasmine, and delicate rose, Coco Mademoiselle is certainly a gorgeous fragrance.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

What To Wear

What To Wear

Spring is just around the corner, and you most-likely don't know what you're going to wear on the first day of Spring. So, Style It Girl has all the tips and tricks of what prints, shirts, and bangles you should wear for your "First Day Of Spring" outfit.

Look #1 Chic + Business Women

This Spring it is all about looking chic, and sophisticated. It is always a nice look, whether it is a blazer and pencil skirt, or blouse and flared skirt, sophisticated chic is cool. Plus, it's bigger then ever this Spring! The outfit above (blazer price unidentified, skirt $9.95, top $14.95, shoes $59.95) is sophisticated yet very chic and cute. It's perfect for Spring!

Look #2 Romantic and Delicate

There is nothing that says "Spring Beauty" more then a delicate pastel lace pink shirt and a cute romantic black skirt. What ever reason or place you are wearing this look to, it is a perfect Spring outfit. It is sweet, yet strong. Delicate yet dramatic! H&M has the perfect clothing for this look, so Style It Girl went straight there to check out the clothes! The outfit above (clutch $19.95, jacket $69.95, skirt $9.95, top $29.95, tank top $6.95, shoes $39.95) makes the perfect sweet look for Spring!

Look #3 Bright 'n' Sophisticated

There's nothing like a cheerful, floral cardigan paired with some sophisticated ballet flats and jean shorts. In fact, it is one of the biggest look for Spring! H&M had some great bright and bubbly yet sophisticated clothing, so we hit the stores searching for the best, bright Spring outfit! The outfit above (bag $19.95, cardigan $29.95, belt $6.95, shorts $29.95, tank top $6.95, shoes $39.95) makes a great Spring outfit!

Look #4 Sweet & Floral

This Spring, it's all about looking cute, and of course wearing flowers! This makes a sweet look that is perfect for the soft feeling of Spring! Light pastel colors are perfect for this look! A great outfit for this look was designed by Style It Girl with H&M and together we made an amazing outfit! The outfit above (hair clip $4.95, bracelet $6.49, skirt $34.95, corset $29.95, top $14.95, shoes $39.95) is perfect for Spring, so get you're cutesy girly girl look on!

Look #5 The African Safari Look

The African Safari Look is being seen every where for Spring. From the cover of high-fashion magazines, to runways, and clothing stores. The look is all about khaki pants, leopard prints, forest green quarter length sleeves shirts, and cute sandals. H&M has the perfect clothing for this look! The outfit above (sunglasses $6.95, headband $5.95, scarf $9.95, bag $29.95, shirt $19.95, shorts $29.95, top $14.95, espadrilles $39.95 ) was designed by Style It Girl with H&M's clothing. It is very Safari chic! So this Spring let your wild side out!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture: Big Bling!

Juicy Couture is famous for girly and chic clothing… from perfume, to clothing, handbags, and accessories Juicy is one of the top clothing destinations for many people. But Juicy has more then just that. They have charms… and they’re big!

Juicy Couture has many charms… there are charms of birds, to kissing booth tickets. They are all really cute and creative, and are great for spring! So the big bling, is just in time! Below are some cute idea’s of how you could sport the Juicy charms in a cute outfit, while wearing Juicy!

This cute Juicy Heart Radiance tee is really cute, and is only $38.00! It is really girly and romantic chick. It goes really well with the Juicy Starter Bracelet With Gold Heart ($38.00), Juicy Cotton Candy Machine Charm ($52.00), and Juicy Popsicle Charm ($42.00). Plus, add some of your own favorite charms to make it your own! (Pictures shown below.)

The Juicy Silhouette Utility Tee is really nice. It is $38.00. The Juicy crest in the middle is cute, and totally spring! The Juicy Pave Silver Starer Bracelet is a good chain for your bracelet! ($58.00) The Juicy Puffed Pave Heart Charm is super chic, and trendy! ($55.00) Another cute charm that would go great with this shirt, is the Juicy Silver Crown Charm. It is really cute and feminine! ($52.00) This look is perfect for spring! (Pictures shown below)

This Juicy Flower Print Logo Tee is $38.00 and is the cutest floral tee ever! It has great colours and patterns, and some really cute charms would work with it too! The Juicy Silver Script ID Bracelet is really nice, and goes well with the shirt! ($68.00) The Juicy Cherries Charm is nice and girly. ($52.00) Another great charm that looks cute with this shirt, is the Juicy Gold Crown Charm ($62.00). This would make a great outfit for spring! (Pictures shown below)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Vera Wang Princess Perfumes

Vera Wang Princess Perfumes

Vera Wang has recently released her new women’s perfume, Princess. There are five scents in the collection. They are Vera Wang Rock Princess, Vera Wang Flower Princess, Vera Wang Princess, Vera Wang Glam Princess, and the newest perfume in the collection, Vera Wang Preppy Princess. All of the perfumes have a unique, and beautiful scent.

Vera Wang Preppy Princess

Preppy Princess is for a stylish, pretty, and of course, preppy girl! If you are fun and friendly, this luscious scent is perfect for you! It has hints of woody, fruity scents that blend succulent red berries, honeysuckle and sensual woods in an eclectic and edgy style. The Preppy Princess Perfume is great so, go out and buy it!

Vera Wang Glam Princess

Glam Princess is definitely a fun and “happily ever after” type of scent. It is fabulous for a kind, fashionable, trendy, girly and of course, glam girl! It is fruity and floral with crushed red currant, guava juice, pear, blood orange, vanilla orchid, ambrette seed, marshmallow and, cashmere wood. It’s great, so get it!

Vera Wang Princess

Magical, mystical, feminine women should have this perfume! Princess is a perfect scent for an edgy yet glamorous women. This scent has a mixture of notes of water lily, apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin; dark chocolate, amber, musk, and vanilla. It is a great perfume!

Vera Wang Flower Princess

The Flower Princess Perfume is perfect for sweet but are still vibrant, luminous and flirtatious! Flower Princess is a very floral scent. The perfume consists of green ivy, orange blossom, Moroccan rose, and jasmine for that pretty, uplifting touch, while peach peel, amber and precious woods give a glamorous touch, so you can enjoy the scent for hours on end!

Vera Wang Rock Princess

This perfume is for women who rock! With hints of peach, raspberry, bergamot, heliotrope, rose, jasmine, lily heart and cashmere wood, musk, iris and coconut, this perfume is for a confidant, trendy, fun and edgy women with a rocker princess inside their heart!

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Style It Girl is 100% launched, and filled with stuff on beauty, fashion, accessories, and what's hot! In Fashion there is an article about the "in" clothing piece, and clothing material for spring. In the Beauty section, it's all about the secret to soft lips! In What's New, we're spilling all the secrets on Marc Jacobs new perfume! In the Fun Corner section, it is all about how to make the best brownies ever. So, start exploring Style It Girl to find out all the tips, and tricks, to being a fabulous girl!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Coming Soon!

There is only two more days until Style It Girl is official! There will be articles on everything from perfumes, to charms! Style It Girl is all about making your life more fun by adding some style to it, and this blog has the best ways to do that! Make sure to be here on March 4, 2011, when articles will be everywhere! Get ready to be styled by Style It Girl!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Style It Girl Is Launched!

Welcome to the all-new blog, Style It Girl! It is the coolest blog for tween girls who want to know the latest on fashion, beauty, what is new, and more! It will officially be launched on March 4, 2011! Get ready to be styled by Style It Girl!