Saturday, 23 April 2011

How To Rock Any Outfit!

How To Rock Any Outfit!

You might be wondering what the perfect way to spice up your outfit is... if so, look no further! Getting a cool outfit is easy. You only have to follow three simple rules. To find out how to rock your look, just scroll down, and read these rules!

1) Make It Pop!

Try using bright colors in your outfit. Adding a fiery red tee with some white denim shorts is really fun and hot! Even if your outfit is a little bland, just add a neon colored hair band, or scarf! The shoes are really important too, so try for some hot pink wedges, or bright blue ballet-flats. Even if it is your nails polish that is making the shimmering splash in your outfit, a vibrant touch of color always makes an outfit look better!

2) Go For Patterns!

If you see a cute dress, but think the big and bubbly pattern is too "out there" don't worry, because big patterns are key to making any outfit look fabulous! Try bold striped shirts, and funky polka-dotted hair-bands! Cute geometric patterned skirts in bold oranges are really fun, and will get everyone looking your way! As long as you feel good in your patterned outfit, the look will rock!

3) Add Florals!

Want to give your outfit a super special look? Well, add a flower! On any colored hair bands, a big carnation on the side always looks good, and floral hair clips are pretty too. On flip-flops or sandals, a big flower always looks great! Floral skirts, shirts, and jackets look amazing with floral patterns on them, and make for a terrific outfit!


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