Thursday, 3 March 2011


Style It Girl is 100% launched, and filled with stuff on beauty, fashion, accessories, and what's hot! In Fashion there is an article about the "in" clothing piece, and clothing material for spring. In the Beauty section, it's all about the secret to soft lips! In What's New, we're spilling all the secrets on Marc Jacobs new perfume! In the Fun Corner section, it is all about how to make the best brownies ever. So, start exploring Style It Girl to find out all the tips, and tricks, to being a fabulous girl!


  1. Nice Blog! I love it! You are great at writing! cool background, and great articles!


  2. Hey,
    Great blog....I cant wait to see more amazing posts as your blog unfolds! I am going to check out that post about Marc Jacobs...I love all of his perfumes!
    I write a lot about his fragrances as well so check out my blog to see them!

  3. Hey!
    Great blogging...keep up the great work! So when will your next post be?

  4. Cool blog, I love it!

  5. Pretty background! So fab 4 spring!

  6. Melanie-Theodora6 March 2011 at 11:50

    I love your pretty spring floral background and your layout! It is the best! I am also loving your style tip of the week!
    I am telling my friends Alosa and Beina about this blog!!!!!!!

  7. I love your blog! It is amazing! :)

    ..Check out my blog, lets follow each other....


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