Thursday, 10 March 2011

What To Wear

What To Wear

Spring is just around the corner, and you most-likely don't know what you're going to wear on the first day of Spring. So, Style It Girl has all the tips and tricks of what prints, shirts, and bangles you should wear for your "First Day Of Spring" outfit.

Look #1 Chic + Business Women

This Spring it is all about looking chic, and sophisticated. It is always a nice look, whether it is a blazer and pencil skirt, or blouse and flared skirt, sophisticated chic is cool. Plus, it's bigger then ever this Spring! The outfit above (blazer price unidentified, skirt $9.95, top $14.95, shoes $59.95) is sophisticated yet very chic and cute. It's perfect for Spring!

Look #2 Romantic and Delicate

There is nothing that says "Spring Beauty" more then a delicate pastel lace pink shirt and a cute romantic black skirt. What ever reason or place you are wearing this look to, it is a perfect Spring outfit. It is sweet, yet strong. Delicate yet dramatic! H&M has the perfect clothing for this look, so Style It Girl went straight there to check out the clothes! The outfit above (clutch $19.95, jacket $69.95, skirt $9.95, top $29.95, tank top $6.95, shoes $39.95) makes the perfect sweet look for Spring!

Look #3 Bright 'n' Sophisticated

There's nothing like a cheerful, floral cardigan paired with some sophisticated ballet flats and jean shorts. In fact, it is one of the biggest look for Spring! H&M had some great bright and bubbly yet sophisticated clothing, so we hit the stores searching for the best, bright Spring outfit! The outfit above (bag $19.95, cardigan $29.95, belt $6.95, shorts $29.95, tank top $6.95, shoes $39.95) makes a great Spring outfit!

Look #4 Sweet & Floral

This Spring, it's all about looking cute, and of course wearing flowers! This makes a sweet look that is perfect for the soft feeling of Spring! Light pastel colors are perfect for this look! A great outfit for this look was designed by Style It Girl with H&M and together we made an amazing outfit! The outfit above (hair clip $4.95, bracelet $6.49, skirt $34.95, corset $29.95, top $14.95, shoes $39.95) is perfect for Spring, so get you're cutesy girly girl look on!

Look #5 The African Safari Look

The African Safari Look is being seen every where for Spring. From the cover of high-fashion magazines, to runways, and clothing stores. The look is all about khaki pants, leopard prints, forest green quarter length sleeves shirts, and cute sandals. H&M has the perfect clothing for this look! The outfit above (sunglasses $6.95, headband $5.95, scarf $9.95, bag $29.95, shirt $19.95, shorts $29.95, top $14.95, espadrilles $39.95 ) was designed by Style It Girl with H&M's clothing. It is very Safari chic! So this Spring let your wild side out!


  1. Cool outfits I like those looks! Love the safari one!

  2. those outfits are really nice and cool!

  3. Love the first one .. these are all from H&M right ?

  4. gotta love h&m. love those outfits!!!

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