Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture: Big Bling!

Juicy Couture is famous for girly and chic clothing… from perfume, to clothing, handbags, and accessories Juicy is one of the top clothing destinations for many people. But Juicy has more then just that. They have charms… and they’re big!

Juicy Couture has many charms… there are charms of birds, to kissing booth tickets. They are all really cute and creative, and are great for spring! So the big bling, is just in time! Below are some cute idea’s of how you could sport the Juicy charms in a cute outfit, while wearing Juicy!

This cute Juicy Heart Radiance tee is really cute, and is only $38.00! It is really girly and romantic chick. It goes really well with the Juicy Starter Bracelet With Gold Heart ($38.00), Juicy Cotton Candy Machine Charm ($52.00), and Juicy Popsicle Charm ($42.00). Plus, add some of your own favorite charms to make it your own! (Pictures shown below.)

The Juicy Silhouette Utility Tee is really nice. It is $38.00. The Juicy crest in the middle is cute, and totally spring! The Juicy Pave Silver Starer Bracelet is a good chain for your bracelet! ($58.00) The Juicy Puffed Pave Heart Charm is super chic, and trendy! ($55.00) Another cute charm that would go great with this shirt, is the Juicy Silver Crown Charm. It is really cute and feminine! ($52.00) This look is perfect for spring! (Pictures shown below)

This Juicy Flower Print Logo Tee is $38.00 and is the cutest floral tee ever! It has great colours and patterns, and some really cute charms would work with it too! The Juicy Silver Script ID Bracelet is really nice, and goes well with the shirt! ($68.00) The Juicy Cherries Charm is nice and girly. ($52.00) Another great charm that looks cute with this shirt, is the Juicy Gold Crown Charm ($62.00). This would make a great outfit for spring! (Pictures shown below)


  1. Oooh! I love Juicy Couture! They have the nicest charms! I love those shirts too!

  2. hey
    nice post! I love juicy!!!

  3. I love Juicy Charms! They have such nice stuff! I love those shirts! Great writing! Good job!

  4. Hey! Sorry for this late response but I was on vacation... I really love juicy's jewellery and their bags are precious ;D You have a lovely and informative blog. kisses Nini

  5. Hi,
    I love Juicy....this post is amazing you are so good at writing about fashion and style! Can you do another post about juicy please?

  6. Hi,
    I love your blog...maybe it is because the background is paisley print (My parents named me after the design :-)
    I also think Juicy C. is a great topic to write about....they have hot charms all the way!


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