Friday, 13 May 2011

New Lady Gaga Song-The Edge of Glory

Lady Gaga's Newest Song- The Edge of Glory

Lady Gaga has yet another itunes charting song. It is called The Edge Of Glory. It is a catchy, much loved new pop song. I really like it, and know it will be a huge hit around the world.

I first found the song after watching the lately released music video of Judas by Gaga. The song came up on the side bar as "New Gaga Song-Edge of Glory" I immediately clicked it (being a Gaga fan, how couldn't I?). I started listening, and instantly knew it was my new favourite!

I scrolled down to see the comments other people wrote about the song. They were all positive, and showed that everyone loved this song a lot. But, Gaga is topping everything! She has the number one song on itunes and the number one music video on itunes!
Overall I love Gaga's tune, and I think it is one of her best on her knew album so far! Click here to hear the song, and tell me what you think in a comment!


  1. Hey,
    Sounds like an awesome song...heading over to itunes RIGHT now to buy it! Thanks for this preview and review :-)

  2. Hi there,
    Sweet looks so totally amazing :-) I love Gaga too and have been to all of her concerts! For me gaga is about self expression! On Idol last week she ruled the roost with her free will and I'm proud to be a supporter of that. Does this dong scream 80s dance to me? yes. but do i love tha?yes!
    Thanks for this post,



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